Titanic final lunch menu could make $70,000

A rare final date lunch menu from the Titanic is to auction on September 30.  

The lot, which dates to April 14, 1912, is expected to make around $50,000-70,000 in Lionheart Autograph's New York sale.

Titanic Lunch Menu
The menu dates to the day before the Titanic sank

The menu was presented to first class passenger Abraham Lincoln Saloman (1868-1959), who survived the sinking of the ship and carried it home with him as a memento.

It's one of very few menus from the ship's final day of sailing to have made it back to dry land.

The auction house comments: "Only three other Titanic lunch menus from this date are known: One was donated to the Greenwich National Maritime Museum by Walter Lord, author of A Night to Remember, and another sold for ?�76,000 (approximately $120,000) in 2012�Ǫ

"[This is] an extremely rare artifact made even more remarkable with such traceable provenance and association!

Other lots offered in the sale include an exceptionally rare signed by photograph author Stephen Crane, writer of the US civil war novel The Red Badge of Courage.

Crane was too young to have fought in the war, but found himself buoyed up by the jingoist sentiments of his generation.

A later experience on a hospital ship returning from the Greco-Turkish war showed him the true nature of conflict: "Those who died, and there were not a few, could not be removed, and the corpses lay among the living men, shot through arm, chest, leg or jaw�Ǫ

"There is more of this sort of thing in war than glory and heroic death, flags, banners, shouting and victory."      

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