Tiger Woods to Profumo: 'Scandal kills traditional investments - but collectibles prosper'



And, when there's scandal, investors bear the brunt.

Even if you're over in the US, you'll know the scandal I'm talking about. It has sent a "lightning bolt" across Rupert Murdoch's News Corp media empire.

And those are the words of Bob Woodward, the journalist who broke Watergate!

I'm, of course, talking about the News Corp UK phone hacking scandal.


Hit by a 'lightening bolt'? News Inter-
national mogul Rupert Murdoch

BSkyB's shares had fallen sharply last week, heading the list of falling shares on the FTSE 100 index.

As for the Murdochs' decision to shut-down the News of the World newspaper, 168-years-old and the best-read paper in the English language (collectible copies of its final edition are now selling priced at £30 on eBay)...

The decision was as huge as it is shocking

Especially for investors. But then we're talking about the mainstream investments markets, here...

Where 'huge' and 'shocking' things can happen at a moment's notice.

As usual with shares, uncertainty reigns.

Take shares in Trinity Mirror for example, Murdoch's competitors in the UK newspaper markets. They were up 20% last week because of the scandal.

But, lo and behold, they're down 16% this week.

Like I said, uncertainty - and volatility - is the name of the game with shares. No wonder mainstream investors are fed up...

So what's the alternative?

We've talked about the 'huge' and 'shocking' scandal. But what's the alternative for investors?


Editions of the 'collectible' final edition of the News of the World have
appeared on eBay priced at £30

If you're a regular reader of Paul Fraser Collectibles, you'll know that autographs have long been outperforming gold, property and shares.

They are long proven as alternative investments. And that's not all...

There are no 'ups' or 'downs' with collectibles

Collectibles are driven by supply and demand. Not by ongoing performance.

Because of this, the most sought after collectibles have steadily risen in value. See the industry's PFC40 Autograph Index for more evidence.

Neil Armstrong, John Lennon and Tiger Woods.

These people's lives have been thoroughly documented. And their legacies are perennial.

Armstrong's autograph value has risen by 6.15% and Lennon by 5.04% - each over the last 12 months.

And Tiger Woods is up by a whopping 133.3% over the past 11 years.

"But", I hear you ask, "Tiger Woods? A huge and shocking scandal wrecked his reputation, and nearly his career along with it!"

That's a very good point. But the scandal didn't wreck his collectibles. He's still the rarest and most valuable living sports autograph.

Tiger Woods' collectible legacy is based on his golf. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Fourteen professional major golf championships wins... the second highest of any male player. No amount of scandal can change that.

Tiger Woods’ collectibles like this signed cap are still burning bright, despite the scandals in his personal life


Even when it looked like Tiger was going to quit his career, this would have only made his autographs rarer... and boosted their value even more.

In fact...

With collectible investments, scandal can even help

I mean, John Lennon was no saint. It's all documented, yet all collectors care about is his musical legacy.

And, if it's scandal you're worried about... The Kray Twins, the Profumo Scandal... Memorabilia attached to each has proven its value at auction.

So, while "lightning bolts" hit Murdoch's News Corp, collectors are enjoying opportunities for pleasure, passion and profit that are a million miles away from any corporate scandal.

And, by diversifying your portfolio, you can do the same.

Check out our exclusive page 10 reasons why you should invest in collectibles, or contact us for a free consultation on the benefits of collectible investments at...

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All the best, until next week





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