This iconic Michael Jackson jacket could rock California for $400,000



Pop legend Michael Jackson's famous red and black jacket, which he wore in his iconic 'Thriller' music video in 1984, is being put up for sale in California.

The seller, Julien's Auctions, based in Beverly Hills, specialise in auctioning off celebrity memorabilia and famous items from the entertainment industry.

Jackson's jacket is expected to sell for between $200,000-400,000. Such a high price for a jacket may surprise some, but there is no doubt it is worth this price. Because of its place in musical history, it will likely sell for much more than the estimate.

The auction which it is part of will contain more than 600 collectibles, many of which belonged to other musical stars including Madonna, Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

It will take place on last weekend of this month, June 26 and June 27.


Ever the showman, Michael Jackson's sequined glove become as famous as the star himself

Michael Jackson collectibles are going to become more valuable in the future, as his status as the greatest pop star of the 20th century is already cemented.

Therefore this is the time to buy one, not just so you can own one of the most recognisable items in the world, but because you can guarantee its value is likely to increase.

Jackson defined the 1980s, and set the standard for fashion, controversy and musical excellence.

Along with the high-profile jacket are other items of his, including a sequined glove - expected to make $30,000 - and a military style jacket which he wore on tour, which is estimated to sell for $10,000.

Other notable items include Elvis's Gibson acoustic guitar, estimated to sell for $30,000, and a guitar neck signed by Kurt Cobain, up for $3,000. Both Elvis and Cobain have previously topped Forbes' list of 'Top-Earning Dead Celebrities'.

Of course, if you are a devoted Michael Jackson fan, or are just looking for something which will increase in value, but need something a little cheaper, you could always buy some of his hair. Yes, Jackson's hair is being sold by online retailer for £149.95 ($246.37).

Another rare item belonging to the king of pop set to go on sale this Friday, June 10, is his iconic black Fedora hat, also signed.


Michael Jackson's famous Fedora hat would be a great buy for any investor

Regency Superior, an auction house in Saint Louis, Missouri, think it could sell for as much as $30,000, though again this is an item that could go for much more than that.

Also being sold in the same auction as Jackson's Fedora is a unique spacesuit, which despite never being flown, is an amazing piece of history from a bygone era of space travel.

Again, this will command a high selling price - estimated to be between $150,000-$250,000, but would provide a great alternative investment opportunity.


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