The Story of... Queen Elizabeth II and Her Majesty's collectibles

"I have had a lot of Prime Ministers, starting with Winston...  And some stay longer than others. They unburden themselves and they tell me what's going on, or if they've got any problems."

So says Queen Elizabeth II who, of course, is referring to Britain's wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill in the above quote.

Churchill, himself a devout Royalist, once said of the Queen: "I was so moved by her beauty and her charm and... kindness." High praise indeed from Britain's most fondly remembered Prime Minister.

Elizabeth's destiny as Queen began 58 years ago, while she was staying at Treetops hotel in Kenya on an official royal visit in place of her father, George VI, who was too ill to go.

King George had even been warned against seeing her off at the airport, but did so anyway. A week into her trip he died of a heart attack, leaving Elizabeth as Queen.

During the six subsequent decades, Elizabeth II's face has appeared on many high-end collectibles. Coins to bear her likeness have included the British dateless 20p and the Canadian dot cent.

And the Queen is no stranger to collecting; being herself the granddaughter of George V, the so-called King of Philately.

This signed iconic photograph sold for $9,900, earlier this year

Today, the Queen remains in control of one of the greatest rare stamp collections currently in existence. It includes a number of exceptional one-offs, such as this Sweet Briar and Cayman Island piece.

Naturally, any items associated with Elizabeth II become collectible in their own right - and there are a number of coveted items presently on the collectors' markets.

Paul Fraser Collectibles recently had the pleasure of selling a autographed 1953 photographic portrait of the Queen valued at $9,900.

Paul was also responsible for selling the famous Kirkudbright Penny Black First Day Cover to The Royal Philatelic Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, since valued at £500,000.

Elsewhere, collectors and investors of Royal Memorabilia may be interested to know that a signed photograph with Prince Philip is currently available, as are signed photos of her son Prince Charles with Diana - one with a baby Prince William, and one with both young William and Harry.


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