The Oscars news they're not telling you

With the Oscars ceremony over for another year I wanted to talk about Hollywood memorabilia this week.

First up, here's a little bit of Oscars trivia you may not be aware of...

Did you know that recent winners are not allowed to sell their Oscars, well they are, but they first have to offer them back to the Academy at the price of.... $1. This dates back to 1951 when Academy award lawyers first stopped the sale of their famous golden statuettes at auction.

Since then winners have had to sign agreements acknowledging that the trophies belong to the Academy, and that the Academy has first refusal for $1.

Pre-1951 Oscars are still available at auctions around the world. In 1999, Michael Jackson paid $1.54 million for the 1940 "Gone with the Wind" best picture Oscar, the highest price yet for an Oscar.

15 more Oscars were sold this week at an auction in Los Angeles.

Herman Mankiewicz's 1941 Oscar for his screenplay for Citizen Kane was the top lot at $588,455.

The same Oscar statuette was last sold in 1999 for $244,500.

So, since 1999 Mankiewicz's Oscar has risen in value by 6.99% per annum.

Stephen Spielberg and Kevin Spacey have also 'bagged themselves' more Oscars, purchasing Bette Davis and Clarke Gable Oscars for $1.3m (Spielberg) and composer George Soll's 1945 Oscar for "Anchors Aweigh" for $156,875 (Spacey).

Hollywood memorabilia is obviously an area that collectors take seriously but it's not just limited to big ticket Oscar statuettes..... signed photos by Academy Award winners Laurel & Hardy have also

 risen in value, by 7.14% since year 2000.


Hollywood memorabilia is at the top of the tree as far as collectors are concerned. And record prices are being paid at auction.

Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Charlie Chaplin... and the Oscar King himself, Walt Disney (he has 26 of the gold statuettes to his name)... these are all names that are familiar around the world. They have a global appeal.

And that's reflected in their performance in the PFC40 Autograph Index (The autograph values within the index are for genuine, fully authenticated items, of museum grade quality).

  • Marilyn Monroe +128.8% in value since 2000
  • James Dean +681.3% in value since 2000
  • Charlie Chaplin +216% in value since 2000
  • Walt Disney +844.4% in value since 2000

By my reckoning the Hollywood memorabilia market has a long way to go. These pieces of memorabilia can only get rarer (and more valuable) as time goes on.

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All the best, until next week



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