On July 25, 2009, a remarkable auction was carried out in Baileborough, Ireland with 400 lots, mostly from the estate of deceased Packie Joe McBreen, who was described as a 'classic hoarder'.

The range of items in the auction was fairly extraordinary.

The selection included:  2 scythes, a fudge-maker, a postman's bicycle, 3 sewing machines, lengths of rope, a selection of horse harnesses, "Bailieborough Co-Op" sign, 7 old road signs, some military items, an old A & B Payphone, partof Stamp Vending Machine, a 1941 Telephone Directory of southern Ireland, some old fire extinguishers and a bugle.

The most coveted lot however, was a set of Hibernian Telegraph or Morning Star dating from February 24, 1797 to February 16, 1798.

This was correctly predicted as the top seller and went for €1,700, though to the National Library rather than a private collector.

The other notable sale item was a large mirror advertising Corbett's whisky, which sold for €1,300. Classic advertising can be valuable, though Corbett's was never a world famous brand.

The papers gained their value not just because there are unlikely to be many other copies in existence, but due to the number of consecutive issues: a complete set of editions 619 to 801 inclusive.

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