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Music memorabilia collectors wanting to know where they should put their money could do worse than U2.

The Irish rockers have announced they made £451m from their three-year 360° tour, which ended in Canada last month, making it the most financially successful tour in history.

It eclipses the £342m achieved by the Rolling Stones earlier this year.

U2's tour producer Arthur Fogel told the UK's Sun newspaper: "The tour was a brilliant success, everyone involved should be very proud. U2 once again have set the standard for achievement - perhaps for all time."

But what does this mean for the music memorabilia collector?

Firstly, with 7.1m fans having paid to see U2 during the recent world tour, collectors looking to sell U2 memorabilia in the future can be guaranteed interest on a global scale.

Collectors can cash in on Bono and U2's appeal

But more importantly, in these days of illegal downloads, the tour's success is a reminder that live shows have a growing importance for fans and collectors; recently released CDs just don't hold the same cache as an LP used to do.

Today, it is at a live event where a strong connection is formed between fans and their idols, and stage-used guitars and associated collectibles such as posters or tickets, can achieve considerable sums.

A 25 metre-high stage used by U2 stage during the 360° tour is currently being sold in Canada. Said to be the largest concert stage ever constructed, no guide price for the 50-metre wide structure has been revealed.

Watch this space for all the big music memorabilia news over the coming months.


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