Steuben's 9.5k pure crystal baseball bat

For collectors with a passion for baseball, there is a new treasure on the market: a regulation bat made of the finest pure crystal.

Glassware aritsans Steuben are releasing the bat as part of their Major League Baseball Collection, reports Luxist.

The bat is based on the same designed used for the Ted Williams All-Star Game Most Valuable Player award. The award was presented by Chevrolet to the Tampa Bay Rays left fielder Carl Crawford, earlier this year.

New York Yankees crystal bat by Steuben
A collectible bat for every team, each worth up-to $9.5k

As well as World Series titans the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies, the complete collection includes bats from each and every team in the American and National league.

Each has been handcrafted by Steuben in their Corning, New York factory and carefully inspected and signed with a diamond-tipped pen. Any pieces found to be imperfect were reportedly destroyed.

An individual bat is priced at $6,650 - a 30% discount off the regular price of $9,500. The collection includes smaller bats as well as other pieces, like gasses and crafted baseballs, if you are looking for a high-quality engraved item at a lower price.   


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