Sold down the River? Marilyn Monroe's River of No Return dress could bring $300,000

China is of course the most watched market in collectibles at the moment, but some markets are naturally more developed than others.

Marilyn appears in her fabulous green dress to sing

The sales of stamps and coins in China, for example, have been strengthening in leaps and bounds over the past several years, and wine has established itself as a powerful market too. Art has fetched some phenomenal prices.

Memorabilia is an area which started developing somewhat more recently, so it will be interesting to watch as Julien's holds a major sale of Hollywood, music and other memorabilia known simply as Legends.

Last year in their equivalent sale they achieved $3.2m which included Michael Jackson's black glove and arm brace selling for $216,000. There was a tie-in in that the hotel/casino which the auction was held with, Ponte 16, has one of the greatest collections of Michael Jackson memorabilia in the world.

This year the line-up includes legendary film icon Marilyn Monroe and the King of Pop, Michael Jackson once more.

Of course in June, a dress of Marilyn's 'blew up' to a $5.6m world record. Whilst the dress on the catalogue's cover is unlikely to beat that, it will certainly make collectors of her memorabilia sit up and take notice.

Marilyn Monroe River of No Return dress

Marilyn Monroe seduced on-screen and film going audiences with her performance as Kay Weston in River of No Return. Monroe conjured a saloon hall vixen to perform "I'm Gonna Stake My Claim."

The provocative green gown she wore during this song and dance routine is offered for sale along with Monroe's personal phone book, pearl necklace, medical prescription orders and a rare painting created by the iconic actress.

The dress alone is listed at $200,000-300,000.

Other iconic pieces to be offered include personal effects from Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Madonna, Her Royal Highness, Diana Princess of Wales and many others.

Princess Diana Dress

In 1985, Her Royal Highness Diana, Princess of Wales, was honoured by the Worshipful Company of Fan Makers. Diana wore a stunning gown of white taffeta and black velvet designed by Murray Arbeid, and this will also be offered in the Legends auction.

This gown was previously auctioned at the "Dresses from The Collection of Diana, Princess of Wales" charity auction shortly before her tragic death. This was the same sale as Maureen Dunkel's collection was founded on, and the sale of that suggests that interest in Diana remands very strong indeed.



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