Silver Age comics dazzle at auction

Four high grade issues of comic books from the Silver Age (1956-1969) have been snapped up for four figures at Heritage's auction, which ended on Sunday.

Two exceptionally high-grade 1966 books from Marvel intrigued bidders:

A near mint copy of The Amazing Spider-Man #39 (in which Spiderman discovers the identity of The Green Goblin), graded an impressive 9.2 by the CGC, sold for $1,314.50 whilst a copy of Tales of Suspense #73 featuring Iron Man and Captain America, graded at an extraordinary 9.6 fetched $1,135.25.

The Spiderman comic was also signed by John Romita and Stan Lee last year.

Spiderman Spider-man Green Goblin comic near mint
The Amazing Spider-Man, issue #39

Both of these comics would be worth far more if there were no other near mint examples in existence, and so they represent very good investments for a collector prepared to keep them in perfect condition.

These were beaten, however, by two Superman-themed books from DC:

A first issue of the surprising Superman spin-off Lois Lane (showing her flying alongside Superman with the aid of a broomstick) fetched $2,868.00. Graded 7.0, it is probably coveted for its rarity and oddity value rather than from nostalgia as such.

The biggest sale was a copy of Adventure Comics #247 depicting Superman (or 'Superboy' as he's referred to here) being rejected by the Legion of Super-Heroes, in their first outing. The comic sparked particular excitement amongst bidders in the final floor auction, finally leaving the stage for $3,585.00.

Sunday's auction provides a gentle New Year warm-up for the upcoming sale on February 27, at which a high-grade copy of the legendary Detective Comics #27 (which introduces Batman) will be for sale.


Images: Heritage Auction Galleries

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