Signed Meet the Beatles LP - one of five known - could bring $75,000 at

At Paul Fraser Collectibles, we know from experience that the sheer joy of owning rare collectibles can be underpinned by financial advantages. For instance, did you know that a signed Beatles album page has grown in value, on average, by 203.4% over the past 11 years?

Compare this to the 2 to 3% year-on-year interest of an average savings account and the benefits of 'autographs as assets' become obvious.

While individual Beatles signatures are rare and group signatures are even rarer, group signed photos are even better.

But rarest of all are Beatles group signatures on album covers. These are considered "the Holy Grail" for Beatles collectors. Indeed, there are only 125 of them in the world!

And (Heritage Auctions) of Texas, US, knows this as well as we do... is the latest auctioneer to get involved in collectors' ongoing love of all-things Beatles-related. On December 13, an original copy of 1964's Meet the Beatles, signed by all the members of the Fab Four, will be the centrepiece of's Music & Entertainment Signature® Auction.

The autographed Meet the Beatles LP is expected to bring $75,000-plus when it comes to auction next Tuesday.

"An original pressing of this classic album is cool enough in-and-of itself, given that it introduced so many millions to the timeless music of The Beatles," said Garry Shrum, Consignment Director of Music & Entertainment Auctions at

"Add the autographs of all four members of the band and you have one of the great Beatles collectibles of all time."



Front and back:'s autographed Meet the Beatles LP is expected
to bring $75,000 or more

You can bet that bidders' enthusiasm will push the value of this signed Beatles memorabilia piece to well beyond $75,000. Especially when - whether in the saleroom, by telephone or via the internet - bidders' adrenaline takes hold.

There are approximately 5 known examples of Meet The Beatles. The last copy to appear at auction sold for $115,000 in 2006.

That said, imagine if you could skip all the hassle of bidding in an adrenaline-fuelled auction - and the hassle of missing out on the piece? What's more, imagine if you could own a rare and historic signed Beatles LP cover for a much lower price than the item offered at

Such opportunities are rare. In fact, there are approximately 125 known extant album covers signed by all four members of The Beatles. Signed copies of Please Please Me and With the Beatles account for approximately 95 of the 125 known examples.

Which means, of course, there are just 30 examples of other records signed by The Beatles left. Like this copy of A Hard Day's Night signed by John, Paul, George and Ringo for instance (pictured below)...

A Hard Day's Night was the soundtrack LP released to accompany The Beatles' first-ever movie in 1964. A double Academy Award winning film, it has since been called the "Citizen Kane of jukebox musicals." High praise indeed.

Today, only between eight and 10 copies of this LP cover signed by all four Beatles are known to exist - of which Paul Fraser Collectibles has this one for sale.


So, at what price is Paul Fraser Collectibles offering its rare signed Hard Day's Night LP cover?

Well, we'll give you a clue: our price is much lower than's $75,000 estimate. And we're certainly offering our LP for less than the $115,000 a signed Meet The Beatles LP brought in 2006.

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signed Beatles Hard Day's Night LP cover

According to, the Meet the Beatles LP it is offering was given to Dr. Jules Gordon, the "house doctor" of New York's Plaza Hotel in February 1964 by none other than George Harrison himself.

The quiet Beatle had been treated by Dr. Gordon and, in appreciation, George gave the good doctor the signed album. The doctor immediately gave the album to his son, Jeffrey, with whom it has remained until now.

Other highlights in's upcoming sale include an incredible group of 1951-1955 Marilyn Monroe legal documents signed six times by Monroe. These are expected to bring $30,000-plus.

Watch this space for more news on's sale.

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