Rock 'n' roll swindle? Sex Pistols rare record brings $17,179 on eBay

A rare Sex Pistols promotional record has sold for $17,179 on eBay.

The vinyl record features the controversial song "God Save the Queen" by the English punk rock band 'The Sex Pistols,' which was released on the A&M Records label in 1977.

Sold with a bang: the rare 1977 Sex Pistols record

Sold with a bang: the rare 1977
Sex Pistols record

Only a small number of copies were pressed before the group left A&M and signed with Virgin Records. The records are considered by collectors to be among the most valuable in the UK.

This particular record (sold on eBay) was stated by the seller to be one of a small number of promotional pressings given to A&M executives prior to the company's closing in 1998.

According to James Massey, publisher of, a website tracking rare auction items selling on eBay: "Another Sex Pistols vinyl (a UK 7" cut onto 10" one sided Townhouse acetate) fetched $23,000 in April of this year, so I wasn't too surprised to see this one go as high as it did.

"Anytime you have a rare sought-after item like this, marking a historic turning point in popular culture, collectors will be fighting for it."

John Ritchie, better known as Sid Vicious
John Ritchie, better known as Sid Vicious

Earlier this year, a rare record of God Save the Queen was named the most valuable vinyl disc of all time. According to the experts, its estimated value is £8,000 (nearly $13,178).

Record Collector magazine placed the Sex Pistols at the top of its recent list of the 51 most collectible vinyl records.

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