Robert Burns, Scotland's world famous poet, was initiated, raised and passed as a Mason at Lodge St David Tarbolton in the course of 1781.

Later this month, his Masonic apron is coming up for auction at Bonham's.

The piece is decorated with Masonic symbols: chequered floor, three candles, an open book, sun and moon, compass and square, arch and pillars.

It is made from white chamois leather and blue silk.

Robert Burns's Masonic Apron

The mount on which the apron is placed has "Robert Burns, Masonic Apron. 1787" written upon it.

The apron was the property of the Mayor of Melbourne, Sir Benjamin Benjamin (1834-1905).

Sir Benjamin was a senior mason and the item resided with him in Australia for some time before a split in the Masonic movement there saw it returned to England.

It has remained in his family until now.

It is expected to sell for £15,000-25,000.

Burns memorabilia is highly sought after with a number of wealthy Scots in the market for the quality pieces. Burns remains very popular around the world with over 1m people celebrating Burns' night each year. 

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