Rare Metropolis movie poster to reclaim world record at $1m?

An extremely rare Metropolis movie poster is set to re-take its own title as the world's most valuable, following collector Kenneth Schacter's recent bankruptcy.


Metropolis movie poster Kenneth Schacter
Just part of Schacter's $5m collection


German painter Heinz Schulz-Neudamm created the magnificent work for Fritz Lang's 1927 dystopian sci-fi movie, based on the novel by his wife, Thea Von Harbou. It has been described as "the crown jewel of the poster world", and is one of the most coveted items of vintage movie memorabilia. 

The bankruptcy filing states the poster is worth just $250,000, despite the record $690,000 Schacter paid for it in 2005. Another copy was put on sale in March this year for $850,000, which appears to be a much more likely figure. 

One of four surviving copies, the iconic work is now expected to be the first movie poster to top the $1m mark at auction. 

The poster forms just part of the Schacter's vast collection, which is estimated to be worth up to $5m. He also owns an original King Kong poster and teaser artwork for The Invisible Man, both from 1933, which could see similar prices when they finally appear at auction. Schacter's bankruptcy trustee, John Menchaca, is planning to sell the entire collection once it has been properly assessed. 

Paul Fraser Collectibles will be bringing you more from this exciting auction in the coming weeks. Be sure to check back with us regularly for the latest updates. No date has as yet been announced for the sale. 

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