Rare Buddy Holly treasures to sell at Heritage

The date of February 3, 1959 is remembered poignantly by many as 'the day the music', as it was that day that music legend Buddy Holly's plane crashed.

Since then his widow, Maria Elena, has been unusually publicity shy, and released only a fraction of the memorabilia associated with her late husband which she carefully preserves. Of these, the best known is probably Holly's wristwatch, which brought $155,350 four years ago.

Now, over half a century after the fateful day, she has released some more of her treasures to the same auction house which oversaw the watch sale, Heritage, and contrary to her inclinations she intends to be present at the sale to talk about both the items and Buddy himself.

The marriage was a happy one, cut tragically short, and she feels now is a good time to tell something of the musician when he was not recording his groundbreaking music.

The pieces include clothing - both things that Holly wore for the studio and strictly off-duty wear, such as a soft, olive-green mechanic's cap, with soiling from the time Holly spent wearing it whilst tinkering with his car.

Buddy Holly singing
Photograph of Buddy Holly in full flow

There are also a number of photographs, likewise some of Buddy at the mic or with the Crickets (complete with autographs), and others of him with Maria Elena.

Perhaps most exciting of all is a recording of songs made weeks before the singer's death.

The sale will take place this Friday, April 9 in Dallas, with live bidding over the internet.


Image: Heritage Auction Galleries

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