Pssst: Here's 4 living icons to boost your income

If you read last week's newsletter you'll know that values for Neil Armstrong autographs and memorabilia are set to reach a whole new level following his death last month.

It's a stark truth.

A famous figure's passing prompts an immediate surge of interest in their collectibles.

This surge will often be followed by a steady gathering of momentum over subsequent years, if the person in question is iconic enough.

Bob Dylan
Dylan's memorabilia is currently undervalued

We've seen it in the past with the likes of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe, and more recently with Princess Diana and Michael Jackson, both of whom continue to receive huge attention on the memorabilia markets, long after the initial spike in interest following their passing.

And, of course, this increase in interest is coupled with a sudden, finite supply of their memorabilia, pushing prices higher.

Today I have picked out four living icons for you, whose collectibles values will rocket when they are no longer with us.

Four living legends to invest in

Fidel Castro: One of the world's most divisive figures, very little memorabilia from the ailing former president ever appears on the market. It's why at £2,950 ($4,690), according to the recently updated PFC40 Autograph Index, Castro is now the world's most valuable living signature following Armstrong's death. Values will only increase upon his passing.

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Muhammad Ali: While his bout-worn apparel can achieve huge sums at auction, his autograph (priced at £1,200, or $1,900) remains vastly undervalued, especially when you consider that Tiger Woods' autograph is currently valued higher at £1,750 ($2,790).

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Paul McCartney: At £2,000 ($3,180), Sir Paul's autograph is substantially lower than his famed song writing partner John Lennon, currently estimated at £6,500 ($10,330). And while I can never see McCartney's autograph matching Lennon's for value - such is the fascination and mystique surrounding John - I can see McCartney's rising significantly when he is no longer around, particularly as he has stopped signing autographs when approached by fans, severely limiting supply.

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Bob Dylan: While few would argue that his work is undervalued, the same cannot be said for his memorabilia, with his autograph currently appraised at just £1,950 ($3,100). A man who has played a hugely influential role in changing the face of music, and world opinion, his songs and name will live on for decades, even centuries. It will take the death of Dylan to focus the world's attention on his memorabilia. That's a great reason for beating the crowds and buying now.

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To discuss any of these investment opportunities, don't hesitate to get in touch with my friendly team.

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Paul Fraser

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