Profiles in History's Lost memorabilia auction nets $1.8 million

Profiles in History's two day Santa Monica auction of Lost memorabilia wasn't just an auction, it was also a ceremony for fans still mourning the end of the sci-fi series which ended after six series, earlier this year.

Sawyer's letter to the man who
killed his father was among the
lots for sale

Collectors and fans of the show - which followed the adventures of plane crash survivors on a mysterious desert island - jumped at the change to see and bid on vehicles, sets and props from the show, including various manuscripts.

As well as visiting sets, including the interior of the crashed Oceanic Flight 815 and Mr Clucks' chicken shack, fans could also mingle with various actors from the show and see the mysterious hatch which captivated fans during its first two seasons.

Starring among the almost 1,200 items for sale included a Dharma Initiative van driven by Hurley (who's pictured top right). It was the top sale, rolling to $47,500.

"I expected to see things such as the Dharma van... but when I read Sawyer's letter to the man who killed his parents, the note that Locke left Jack, and Penny's love letter to Desmond, I must admit that I got a little teary" - an enthusiastic Los Angeles Times blogger

Also sold was the journal that belonged to scientist Daniel Faraday, which realised $27,500, and a Dharma jeep sold for $20,000.

In the end, the auction netted total sales of $1.8 million - a fitting end to a show that has proven one of the most popular on US TV in recent years.

A Dharma Initiative van (top) was the sale's top lot, sold for $47,500;
while scientist Daniel Faraday's impressively detailed journal (bottom)
realised $27,500

According to reports, the show's cast will reunite for one last time at the next Emmy awards ceremony, then that's it for Lost fans.

But the show's memorabilia items could prove to be great future investments - not least Sawyer's costume from the show's pilot.

It was reportedly acquired by one bidder for a "bargain basement price", and its value could appreciate should she ever choose to sell it in the future.


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