Poll results: The most popular historical dinner guests

Last week we asked you:

If you could invite three figures from history round for dinner, who would they be?

Here's the top five:

5. Winston Churchill

4. Martin Luther King

3. Shakespeare

2. Abraham Lincoln

1. Leonardo da Vinci

It's fascinating to see that the artistic and scientific genius of da Vinci has triumphed over the history-changing leaders that are Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill, and the brilliance of Shakespeare.

The creator of the Mona Lisa, and the helicopter (500 years before it became actuality), would have plenty of anecdotes, we're sure.

Leonardo da Vinci - the perfect dinner guest

And these results, while just a bit of fun, can help guide the investment-minded collector. Because where there is popularity, there is demand among collectors for their artefacts. And where you have high demand, you often have strong prices.

Of course, getting your hands on da Vinci or Shakespeare artefacts is difficult. Values are very high for the small number of pieces available. For example, da Vinci's Codex Leicester manuscript sold for $30.8m to Bill Gross in 1994. Just 228 copies of Shakespeare's first folio still exist. One sold for ?�1.5m ($2.4m) in 2010. And if you fancy owning Shakespeare's autograph, you need to be patient. Just six exist and they're all held in institutions.

But Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill artefacts, while still rare and sought after, are a little easier to come by. And a touch more inexpensive too.

In fact, here are two pieces we have in stock right now.

?�         Winston Churchill signed letter

?�         Abraham Lincoln's bedroom wallpaper

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