Phil Collins' Alamo collection to be donated to San Antonio museum

Singer Phil Collins has donated his entire collection of Alamo artefacts to the San Antonio, Texas museum based at the battle site.

The archive includes Jim Bowie's legendary knife and a rifle belonging to Davy Crockett among a vast selection of papers and other materials relating to the siege.

Alamo Phil Collins
The Battle of the Alamo took place in 1836

Collins has long been fascinated with the Alamo, even publishing a book in 2012. He told an audience gathered at the museum on June 25 that his interest stemmed from the fact that "people came here and made a stand here - for good or bad.

"That's another political can of worms. But for good or bad they came here knowing they were going to die, hoping they weren't but knowing they probably would, and that appealed to me even at six or seven, the idea of being that brave."

The Alamo, a mission that was being used as a garrison by Texian troops during the Texas revolution, was besieged by Mexican soldiers in 1836.

The defenders held out for 13 days before being overrun. None were left alive.

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