Paul Fraser Collectibles' Top Five film classic cars sold at auction
In the week that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang sold at auction, here are our top five movie cars to have gone under the hammer:

5. Batmobile from Batman Forever

With its huge rear fin and unusual chassis, the Batmobile from the 1995 film Batman Forever is instantly recognisable but divides opinion.

Some fans love it, others hate it. But the vehicle, which has a Chevrolet V8 engine, still managed to sell for $165,000 at Auctions America in March.


The pride of Gotham City... and the auction block

However, there is a catch. It cannot be driven in public and can only be exhibited when stationary. It cannot even be sold on without the permission of Warner Brothers and DC Comics.

Such stringent measures are sure to have prevented it realising an even greater figure at the sale.

4. Ferris Bueller's "Ferrari"

This replica of a Ferrari 250GT Spyder California was specially commissioned for the 1986 film.

Designed by Californian manufacturers Modena Design & Development using a Ford 289ci V8 engine, this vehicle made £79,600 at Bonhams in 2010.


Imagine cutting class in this... Skiver Ferris Bueller's 'Ferrari'

3. Madonna's Dick Tracy "Auburn"


A pink 1936 Auburn Speedster replica, driven by Madonna in the 1990 film Dick Tracy, sold for $52,900 at Bonhams in 2005.

The film was directed by Warren Beatty, who had an on-off relationship with Madonna at the time.

2. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Six cars were made for the film, and many have appeared at auction, but just one is fully functioning and road worthy, the 1967-built GEN11.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, collectors love you...

This car, which once competed in charity races throughout the UK, was sold at Profiles in History's California sale earlier this week for $805,000, somewhat below its estimate.

A non-road going version made $505,000 in 2007.

1. James Bond's Aston Martin

The Aston Martin DB5 driven by Sean Connery in Goldfinger and Thunderball sold for £2.6m at RM Auctions in 2010.

Among the most tempting features of the vehicle for future investors is its array of working gadgets. A press of the "M-Guns" button sees the machine guns at the front of the car appear, while the rear shield can be activated with a quick press of the "Bullet Screen" button.

007's wheels: complete with a bullet screen and machine guns

Unfortunately the ejector seat and smoke screen buttons do not follow suit, although the radar scanner flashes and beeps and the number plates rotate.

Two vehicles were produced for the mid-60s films but just this model remains today.


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