Original Popeye production cel to make $20,000 at RR Auction

An original production cel from Let's You and Him Fight (1934) starring Popeye is estimated at $10,000-20,000 in RR Auctions' sale of animation art, which runs from August 14-21.

The short sees Popeye squaring off against archrival Bluto in a boxing match, which he proceeds to lose until Olive Oyl turns up with the obligatory can of spinach.

Popeye cel RR
The Popeye production cel is one of only 10 from Let's You and Him Fight

Only 10 original cels from this particular cartoon are known to exist, with this being one of the finer examples from the early years of the series.

In May of this year, Jeff Koons' sculpture of Popeye sold for $28.2m.

A cel depicting the evil queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) is valued at $12,000-17,000.

RR Auction commented: "This image is from the scene when the Evil Queen is in her potions room and looking through her red 'disguises' book in order to change her appearance to that of the old witch to trick Snow White into taking the poison apple���this cel depicts the exact moment that she is deciding which spell to use for the task."

In November last year a cel showing the queen offering Snow White the apple sold for $26,290 at Heritage Auctions in Dallas.

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