Notorious B.I.G jacket to attract huge interest from hip-hop collectors

A large leather jacket which belonged to Christopher Wallace is expected to draw strong interest from Hip-Hop collectors across the globe.


Notorous B.I.G
The black leather jacket belonging to Biggie Smalls

The 6'1" rapper weighed in at over 350lbs and was a larger than life personality during his career. His death at the age of just twenty-four sent shockwaves through the rap world and changed the face of Hip-Hop forever.

This year marks the fifteenth anniversary of his death ensuring interest from devoted fans.

The jacket has the name "Biggie" and "Flip Squad" stitched on the front and a centre embroidery on the back reading, "Funkmaster Flex - Nuttin' but Flavor". This item comes with great provenance for collectors, with the vocalist being photographed in the jacket several times.

Biggie Smalls' death came following an intense feud between himself and former friend, Tupac Shakur.  Shakur & Wallace were both eventually killed during the dispute, which created the renowned East and West coast divide in the Rap world.

The mid-1990's clash has since become somewhat mythical to Hip-Hop devotees, with rumours that the musicians are still alive in constant circulation.

The three-day auction, to be held in Smalls' hometown, New York, will be held from April 19-21, 2012, with this jacket expected to crown Saturday's session.

With a pre-sale estimate of just $3,000-5,000, we feel this item definitely has the potential to exceed expectations.

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