Native American warrior's rifle headlines Dallas sale

A rifle dropped by a Native American warrior at the Wounded Knee Massacre has sold for $55,000.

The lot headlined Heritage Auctions' Legends of the West Signature Auction in Dallas on June 11.

Indian rifle Heritage
Nellie and Raymond Woodard picked up the rifle after the massacre

It's a Marlin Standard Model 1881, one of three rifles mother and son Nellie and Raymond Woodard collected from the scene.  

The Woodards were traders who became close friends with many of the local Sioux tribespeople.

On hearing of the massacre they rushed to the battlefield to try and help the survivors. Deeply affected by what they saw, they became lifelong activists for Native American rights.

The rifles were collected at the scene and have passed down as a family heirloom.

An autograph book displaying signatures from both "Wild Bill" Hickok and "Buffalo Bill" Cody realised $36,250.

The book was signed while the pair were touring the east coast in Cody's famous stage play Scouts of the Plains in 1873-1874.

The play is reputed to have been terrible and the backstage antics of its performers would have made Led Zeppelin blush.  

Hickok in particular spent most of the run in a spectacular state of drunkenness. He managed to shoot out one of the stage lights with a live pistol in one performance.

We have this strand of hair from legendary Apache leader Geronimo for sale.

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