Napoleon's hair stolen in bald-faced Australian museum robbery

A lock of Napoleon's hair has been targeted by thieves in a robbery on an Australian museum, along with other artefacts from the French emperor.

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The hair was taken from the historic Briars Park homestead, just south of Melbourne, after the thieves removed the outside blinds of the building and entered through the bathroom, breaking into several cabinets inside.

Included in their haul was a ring, a ribbon inscribed by Napoleon and a snuff box, all of which came from the collection of Alexander Balcombe, an Englishman whose family were good friends with Napoleon and who visited him while he was exiled on Elba.

Also stolen was a silver inkwell and three gold Napoleon coins, which were said to have been in his pockets when he died. The museum staff say the items were likely to have been stolen to order for a private collection, and were priceless due to their irreplaceable nature.

However, Paul Fraser Collectibles can help replace the hair with our own authentic strands from Napoleon's head for sale.

Napoleon remains highly collectible, and the theft demonstrates the desirability and value of his memorabilia. However, collectors should always buy from reputable sources to avoid being the centre of a police investigation!

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