Mr Spock's $8,960 jacket leads amazing Star Trek auction

Julien's Auctions was once again the place to be for collectors looking for all the best entertainment memorabilia, over the weekend.

But while the world's press focussed on the sale of Michael Jackson's crystal-studded 1984 Victory tour glove, Star Trek fans had their homing beacons fixed on another auction entirely...

Julien's Summer Entertainment Sale featured a whole auction dedicated to the decades-old science fiction franchise, offering memorabilia from its 1960s origins through to 2009's successful cinema outing.

The auction's lots offered a number of iconic props, including guns and communication devices used by the USS Enterprise's crew, uniforms and other related memorabilia.

Leonard Nimoy as Spock in the classic 1960s Star Trek series and (right) the
character's parka jacket in the 2009 film

There was even a chance for fans to meet the original Captain James T Kirk himself, William Shatner. Shatner also donated many of his own items to the sale, including a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

But, in the end, one of the auction's big sales was a memorabilia item linking the show's iconic 1960s origins to its recent big screen success: a parka jacket worn by actor Leonard Nimoy in 2009's blockbuster film, Star Trek.

Today, Mr Spock, an emotionally-detached Vulcan, remains one of the best-known and most-loved 20th century science fiction characters - and Nimoy's cameo in the 2009 movie was a massive draw for fans.

The parka jacket, worn in what is likely to be Nimoy's last-ever appearance in the series, auctioned with an estimate of $5,000-7,500. It finally realised $8,960.

This iconic Star Trek communicator sold for $7,680

And Spock's jacket wasn't the only piece of Star Trek ephemera to exceed its pre-sale value. Elsewhere, one of the show's famous hand-held communicators, used by USS Enterprise crewmen in the 2009 film, appeared valued at $1,000-2,000.

Following enthusiastic bidding by fans, the communicator (thought by many to be a fictional precursor to the mobile phone) sold for an incredible $7,680.

Star Trek fans can now look forward to the much-anticipated sequel to last year's hit Star Trek film - and the likelihood that memorabilia purchased at Julien's auctions will continue to grow in value as the franchise's success continues.


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