Moonwalkers (PF70) a complete set of al 12 Moonwalker signatures

The Holy Grail of Space collecting.

Only 12 men have walked on the moon.

This incredible collection comprises nine photos and one document bearing the signatures of all 12 men.

As follows:

Neil Armstrong 10 x 8 photo with light signature


Buzz Aldrin 12 x 16 photo (with 'Secretarial' Armstrong)


Charles Conrad, Alan Bean (and Dick Gordon) 10 x 8 photo


Alan Shepard 7.5 x 3.25 NASA leave pass for Joe Garino


Edgar Mitchell 10 x 8 photo


Dave Scott 10 x 8 photo


Jim Irwin 10 x 8 photo


Gene Cernan and John Young 10 x 8 photo


Charlie Duke 10 x 8 photo


Harrison Schmitt 10 x 8 photo


There are a few scattered creases and surface marks to a few of the photos.

Nevertheless an incredible collection and a great achievement given these are such a difficult set to complete.

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