'Mint' copy of Beatles debut Please Please Me record brings $18,000 on eBay


If ever a record changed music history, then this is it...

This vintage vinyl record originally released by music label Parlophone received 45 bids when it appeared for sale on eBay, earlier this month (September 9).

The record is none other than Please Please Me, The Beatles' debut LP.

The 1963 gold and black labelled original stereo pressing attracted 45 bids while listed on the popular auction website.

The original 1963 Beatles Please Please Me LP, sold for $18,355

Its condition was described as "Oh My God!!!" by the seller - otherwise known as 'mint condition'.

In the end, "probably the most sought after album on the planet" sold for $18,355.

The sale was among the highest-grossing lots on eBay this week according to WhatSellsBest, a company tracking the auction website's biggest sales.

The record was originally released by Parlophone on March 22, 1963. It helped to spark Beatlemania and the rock 'n' roll 'British invasion' of the US that decade.

A closer look at the rare record's 'mint condition' grooves

Needless to say, the record's place in history is more than assured.

Rolling Stone magazine gave this album historical significance by calling it: "the invention of the idea of the self-contained rock band, writing their own hits and playing their own instruments."


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