Michael Jackson's glove brings $70k at auction

An iconic glove worn by Michael Jackson as part of his "Suit of Lights" has sold for $70,800 at auction.

The glove, part of the costume worn during his 1984 Victory Tour, is encrusted with rhinestones as well as 50 lights powered by a nine volt battery in the cuff.

A red sweater and white hat belonging to the late King of Pop also sold for $44,250. Jackson collectors should note that the an even rarer left-handed glove is due to sell in November.

Profiles in History's rich collection of memorabilia also included Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry's Apple Macintosh computer - the first of its kind: serial number 0001.

Roddenberry's Mac smashed estimates of around $1,000, selling for $8,260.

A Martin D-28 guitar belonging to Elvis Presley sold for $106,000. Paul Fraser Collectibles currently has two signed photos of the King, one brooding and one smiling.

A stormtrooper's helmet from the ever-popular Star Wars: Return of the Jedi sold for an extraordinary $82,600 after furious bidding from avid fans.

Other big sellers included a bullwhip from the 1989 Hollywood smash Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (sold for $56,050), an ET puppet from the UK's "ET phone home" British Telecom adverts ($32,200, or £20,300) and a Predator figure from the eponymous film franchise ($47,200).

Overall, the auction was a remarkable demonstration of the strength of the memorabilia market, and the money that people are willing to spend to preserve the legacy of their favourite icons.


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