Memorabilia from Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart is no 'Twilight' Investment

The phenomenon that is the Twilight Saga took another interesting twist today and all without a werewolf or vampire in sight.

Instead, it was revealed that one lucky fan had won a recent eBay auction for a chance to hang out with the stars of twilight, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on the set of next year's eagerly anticipated fourth installment of the teen vampire phenomenon Breaking Dawn.

The fan in question claimed the prize with a winning bid of £39,280 ($60,100). Yet it could prove to be money well spent.

A trip on the set provides the perfect opportunity to gain autographs from Stewart and Pattinson as well as the signature of co-star Taylor Lautner who made history as the highest ever paid teenage actor in Hollywood back in January 2010.

Furthermore, the winning fan will also have access to many unique pieces of memorabilia such as scripts, props, costumes and other unique pieces from the set.

And it's an opportunity that shouldn't be missed, after all there's already a significant demand from fans for all things Twilight related.

Back in May 2010, Pattinson reported on the theft of his discarded hair from the floor of his barbers.

While this hair has yet to come on the market, it could prove popular amongst investors and collectors alike.

The current record for hair collectibles belongs to Elvis, with a single strand selling for £1,125 ($1,750) back in November 2009.

And more recently still, even an autographed "Wolf Pack" t shirt featuring the signatures of secondary characters played by Chaske Spencer and Alex Meraz sold for £520 ($810).

Movie memorabilia offers the ultimate investment for fans and collectors alike with a collectible that has a value underpinned by the popularity of its source material, the film.

To date, the Twilight saga has already reached a gross revenue of £1,123,600,000 ($1,747,822,231) and with two further films planned, this figure could double.

Mark Hamill's signed
Star Wars Contract
You only have to look at recent sales from similarly successful films to see the potential.

Back in August 2003, one fan paid £2,495 ($4,582) for the 1st prototype ring used in Peter Jackson's Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

The piece was not even used in the finished film, but its sale, some two years after the original release demonstrated the clamour amongst collectors for memorabilia from Hollywood's epic film sagas.

Furthermore, holding onto these pieces over the long term could see even better returns.

Back in 1977, few could have predicted that film called "Star Wars" with a budget of just $11 million dollars would become a saga of toys, comics, books and films worth $5.51 billion today.

In April 2007, Mark Hamill's original signed 22 page contract from the film, which was dated June 11, 1976 sold for $15,535 in one example of an array of collectibles from the film that are today worth thousands.

Next year, the lucky fan visiting the set of Breaking Dawn could be leaving with more than just an autograph. Just don't try to take any more of Robert Pattinson's hair, or he may have to get his fangs out.



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