'May the fourth be with you!' - Collectors celebrate Star Wars day

"May the fourth be with you!" They may sound like a terrible pun, but it's also why sci-fi fans around the world over are today celebrating Star Wars day.

You can bet he'll be celebrating it...
A (presumably) Scottish Storm Trooper
at Comic Con, San Diego

Also sometimes known as Luke Skywalker Day, named after the film series' young hero Jedi Knight, what began as a pun on the date of May 4 has evolved into a global excuse to celebrate Star Wars culture and remember the classic films.

And the series' creator, George Lucas, hasn't missed an opportunity to get involved.

A large clock on the official Star Wars website counted down to the special day, followed by a reveal of a number of exclusive images from the franchise and its much-hyped upcoming Blu-Ray releases.

It's hard not to be impressed by the continuing popularity of Star Wars. And this also goes for its collectibles, especially if they're from the original films (from 1977's A New Hope to 1981's Return of the Jedi).

At Paul Fraser Collectibles, we advise that memorabilia from the original films is your best bet if you're looking for a good investment.

Past successes on the high-end market include the TIE Fighter which bumps into Darth Vader's fighter during the iconic end space battle in Episode VI.

These three pieces of fibreglass Krayt Dragon bone from the filming of Star Wars, Episode IV are presently for sale, and offer a great opportunity to entry-level investors


The model used in the original film sequence appeared for sale in Hollywood in 2008, estimated at $150,000-$200,000.

In the end, the model TIE fighter blasted all the way to $350,000.

Other props are available to entry-level investors, like a fibreglass Krayt Dragon bone from Episode VI (pictured above).


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