Madonna (1958-) handwritten lyrics to 'Cry Baby' (PF17)

Madonna writes:

(CH) Cry Baby la la la la la la la

He's just a Cry Baby la la la la la la

(V2) My guy is such a wet noodle he's always teary eyed

He acts like a reall cock-a-doodle

He can't even tell you why.

If you just play him a sappy song

He acts like his doggy just died

He's just a Cry Baby Guy


Madonna has drawn a box around the last three words 'Cry Baby Guy'

Hand written lyrics from musicians are one of the Holy Grails of collectors.

The lyrics to 'A Hard Rains A-Gonna Fall', penned by Bob Dylan, circa 1963, recently sold at auction for over $51,000 against an initial estimate of $30,000.

We also witnessed the sale of George Harrison's handwritten lyrics to 'My guitar gently weeps' for £300,000 back in 2007.

Handwritten lyrics are scarce from any artist, and coming from one of the music industries all time leading female artist's these lyrics are extremely rare and desirable.


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Photo source: Sasu


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