Letter from George Washington to Thomas Jefferson fetches $25k

Freeman's Fine Books and Ephemera auction yesterday offered two particularly attractive Washington autographs.

A letter written from Washington during his time as President to Jefferson, who was to become the third President, which mentions that Washington has approved 'measures' and encourages Jefferson to put them into effect "with as little loss of time as may be".

A letter from George Washington to Thomas Jefferson ($15k-25k)

It was expected to do well, being estimated at $15,000-25,000, and indeed sold for $25,000.

Slightly more of a surprise was a cheque signed by Washington in his twilight months following his Presidency. Celebrity cheques can certainly be worth more than is written on them, but without the context given by a letter it was estimated at a more modest $8,000-12,000.

Bidders were having none of that however, and chased the cheque all the way up to $22,500.

George Washington signed cheque autograph
Cheque signed by George Washington

Washington's autographs can be extremely valuable. One of the biggest sales of 2009 was a letter to his nephew Bushrod describing his views in favour of a Constitution which sold for a stunning $3.2m.

George Washington's second ever known signature - the earliest in private hands - is currently on sale.


Images: Freeman's 

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