Lennon Mercedes bought after decade-long hunt

The Beatles once sang, "Baby, you can drive my car..." - and the lyric has come true for a businessman from Norfolk, UK.

Graham Dacre is now the proud owner of a limo which once belonged to John Lennon.

Mr Dacre first spotted the 1970 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman car in the early 1990s and immediately fell in love with its sleek lines.

For years he scoured Europe for the car, finally getting his hands on his prized collectible a couple of years ago and having it lovingly restored.

"At the time I was in no position to buy it, but I was so taken by its style, history, and character that when I sold my business in 2006, I searched everywhere to find the car," said Mr Dacre.

The white limo is more than six metres long, can seat six or seven people and has a privacy screen and drinks cabinet in the rear.

Its features include black leather door linings, Becker Grand Prix radios in the front and rear compartments and a Phillips Mignon EP record player in the rear.

But the car is not just a mechanical masterpiece, it is also a treasured and unique piece of rock memorabilia.

Beatle John Lennon bought the car new from a Surrey-based Mercedes Benz dealer in February 1970, at the time the musician was embarking on a new solo career.

What happened to the car after Lennon sold it reads like a who's who of popular music...

The limo was sold to Lennon's fellow Beatle George Harrison in April 1975 for £5,000, when Lennon moved to New York with Yoko Ono.

There are rumours the car was also owned for a period by another Beatle, Ringo Starr. But it was certainly bought by Mary Wilson of the of The Supremes in late 1976, used in the group's US tour in 1979.

After spending some years in the USA, the car returned to Britain in March 1984 where it changed hands on a number of occasions until 1989 when it was publically auctioned at Christies in London.

"Of all the cars I have ever owned, this car probably has as much charisma and character as any," Mr Dacre told The Advertiser newspaper.

"It's a true engineering masterpiece and today it drives wonderfully. It's just a bit big for our modern multi-storey car parks.

"I'm really chuffed, I'm delighted to own it and its unlikely I shall ever part with it during my lifetime."

Mr Dacre is hoping to get hold of any pictures or information documenting the time John and Yoko owned the car.

He also wants to put the car on show in the city so other Beatles' fans or car enthusiasts get the chance to see it.

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