Lee Harvey Oswald's necklace sells for $65,500 at RR Auction

The necklace that JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald wore as a baby, as well as the toe tag taken from his body at the morgue, has sold well at RR Auction's latest online sale, which closed on November 14.

Lee Harvey Oswald necklace
The items were worn by Oswald at the very beginning and end of his life

Also included in the lot was a lock of Oswald's hair. All together, the items from the very beginning and end of Oswald's life sold for $65,591.

The sale is the second held by RR Auction to mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F Kennedy. Offering a range of presidential memorabilia, the first sale was highlighted by Oswald's wedding ring, which sold for $108,000.

The baby necklace, toe tag and hair have fantastic provenance, with the necklace attached to a sheet of paper that is notated by Oswald's mother, Marguerite, "Lee Harvey Oswald, Born N. O. La, October 18, 1939 at 'The French Hospital'."

It is also accompanied by a certificate from Oswald's brother, Robert, as well as a report from the ambulance driver of how he acquired the toe tag.

John F Kennedy rocking chair
Kennedy used rocking chairs to help ease his chronic back pain

Also selling well in the auction was a rocking chair from the Kennedy Hyannisport estate, which made $36,709. The chair was given to the consignor's great-grandfather as a gift of appreciation after 22 years of working as a caretaker at the estate, and bears a gold-painted eagle with two stars.

Another rocking chair used by JFK, which was prescribed to help ease his back pain, will appear at Heritage Auctions on November 23.

Kennedy sailboat sketch
Evelyn Lincoln, Kennedy's secretary, began collecting and cataloguing his drawings in 1952

The final sketch drawn by Kennedy before he was killed also featured, selling for $29,852. A drawing of a sailboat, it was created on November 21, when the president was staying at the Rice Hotel in Houston, Texas. He was killed the following day, on November 22.

Paul Fraser Collectibles has a fantastic range of John F Kennedy memorabilia for sale.

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