Lee Harvey Oswald wedding suit will auction on April 30

The suit John J Kennedy's killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, wore at his wedding in 1961 is to cross the block at Goldin Auctions.

It's part of a selection of memorabilia related to the Kennedy assassination due to sell on April 30.

Lee Oswald suit
This was Lee Harvey Oswald's only dress suit

Oswald, a former soldier, had the suit made by a Yokohama-based tailor while stationed in Japan in 1957-1958.

He took the suit with him when he defected to the Soviet Union in 1959.

It's mentioned in the Warren commission report, set up to investigate the shooting, although it's wrongly identified as being of Russian manufacture: "Oswald owned one suit, of Russian make and purchase, poor fitting and of heavy fabric which, despite its unsuitability to the weather of Texas and Louisiana and his obvious discomfort, he wore on the few occasions that required dress."

Bidding starts at $7,000.

Oswald's personal chess set is also offered, with an opening bid of $5,000.

Oswald was a chess lover, something that also receives a mention in the Warren report during the testimony of his roommate from his naval service: "Oswald read a great deal, although I do not remember what sort of books he read.

"He also watched television and played chess."

The sale will also include a wide range of memorabilia associated with JFK and his family.

We have this original 1960 Kennedy for President campaign poster for sale.

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