Kennedy's November 22 Lincoln at $50,000 in 50th anniversary auction

The white Lincoln Continental used to transport President John F Kennedy on November 22, 1963 - the day he was assassinated - will sell in a dedicated auction to mark the 50th anniversary of his death, which opens online on October 17.

JFK white Lincoln continental
The Lincoln Continental was loaned by Bill Golightly, and returned to him following the president's death

The 1963 car drove the president from the Hotel Texas ballroom, through Fort Worth and then to Carswell Air Force Base, where he and Jackie Kennedy boarded the fateful flight to Dallas. It opens at RR Auction with a $50,000 starting bid.

After the president's assassination, the Lincoln was returned to Bill Golightly of Golightly Auto Sales in Fort Worth, who then sold it to the Museum of American Tragedy in 1967. It was then sold at public auction in 1998.

The car can expect strong results, after a 1962 Lincoln Continental Bubbletop used by Kennedy and the White House for several years sold for $429,000 at RM Auctions in 2010.

The hearse that transported the president's body sold for $176,000 in January 2012.

Texas Book Depository sixth floor windor
The window has long been a subject of much debate for those who suspect foul play in the president's assassination

Starting at $25,000 is the sixth floor window of the Texas Book Depository, which is where Lee Harvey Oswald famously took the shot that would kill the president. The controversial piece was removed from the building six weeks after Kennedy's assassination.

Also selling are John F Kennedy's rosary beads, which have been described by the auction house as "arguably the most personal possession associated with John F Kennedy ever offered at auction", with Bobby Livingston saying that they could bring upwards of $1m.

Paul Fraser Collectibles has a fantastic selection of JFK memorabilia for sale, including a fantastic photograph signed by all of the Kennedy family and even a strand of the beloved president's hair.

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