Kennedy Texas press badges to exceed $10,000 at Nate D Sanders?

A lot of 50 press badges intended for John F Kennedy's welcome dinner in Texas on the fateful date of November 22, 1963 carry a minimum bid of $10,000 at Nate D Sanders.

The online sale is due to close on June 26.

press badges Kennedy
The badges were intended to be issued to the press at Kennedy's Texas welcome dinner

On the day of Kennedy's assassination he was due to attend a meeting at the Dallas Business and Trade Mart, before leaving Dallas for Austin.

These plastic press passes are inscribed with the names of Mr & Mrs Kennedy and Johnson and offer a fascinating glimpse into an alternate history.

Also featured are a set of 58 press tickets to the welcome dinner, which will start at $7,500.

We have this original poster from Kennedy's 1960 leadership campaign available.

Other lots in the sale include a travel pass signed by Adolf Eichmann, a high-ranking Nazi who was one of the chief architects of the holocaust.

The pass (which carries a minimum bid of $8,500) is dated May 14, 1943 and was issued to a soldier named Paul Wellnitz.

It authorises a transfer to the Stutthof concentration camp, where Wellnitz worked as a guard until the end of the war.

Wellnitz was among a large number of workers and officials sentenced to death at Nuremberg in 1947.

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