A number of sales of Kennedy memorabilia have hit the headlines in recent months, with more due to take place in the run-up to the 50th anniversary of the assassination on November 22.

Ike Altgens' photo of presidential limousine t...

Despite the morbid nature of many of the artefacts, they are fascinating mementos of a day that changed the course of world history.

Some are undeniably eerie. Kennedy was a prolific doodler, and a sketch currently on sale at RR Auction appears to be a fairly mundane example.

Kennedy sailboat sketch

The sailboat sketch is the last Kennedy ever drew

However, that sketch is quite possibly the last that the President ever drew.

The paper is headed The Rice Hotel (Houston’s Welcome to the World!) – where he stayed on November 21 before flying out to Dallas the following day.

Also featured in the same auction are the keys to the presidential limousine he was riding in when he was killed – which were obtained from the secret service by the key’s consignor.

It’s not just artefacts pertaining to Kennedy that are eagerly sought by collectors. His killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, left his ring at home on the day of the shooting where it passed into the possession of the FBI .

Lee Harvey Oswald wedding ring

Oswald’s wedding ring features a hammer and sickle

It was later released and consigned to auction by his estranged wife Marina Oswald Porter – where it made $108,000.

The same auction featured the actual sixth floor Texas School Book Depository window from where Oswald fired the fatal shots, and JFK’s personal rosary beads – neither of which met their reserves.

On the anniversary itself, a sale will take place at Heritage Auctions in Dallas and will feature, among many other lots, the rocking chair from Kennedy’s bedroom in the White House – estimated to make $50,000.

JFK chair Heritage

The rocking chair is thought to have stood in Kennedy’s bedroom in the White House

In the same spirit we can offer you a selection of Kennedy memorabilia – ranging from a poster from his 1960 presidential campaign to a photograph autographed by both the president and the first lady.


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