Judy Garland's Wizard of Oz slippers set for auction in June

72 years after the film was first screened, Judy Garland and The Wizard of Oz remain hugely popular with memorabilia collectors and investors.

As with much in the world of movie collectibles, film-worn items are particularly in demand.

Movie apparel doesn't come much more iconic than the ruby-red slippers Garland wore for The Wizard of Oz. It is thought that at least five pairs of the slippers were made for the filming, and they always cause a buzz at auction.

An 'Arabian test pair', used in trials before filming, is going under the hammer at a Profiles in History sale of Debbie Reynolds' movie memorabilia collection in June. The curved-toed, sparkly shoes will be auctioned alongside the famous gingham dress Garland wore during the first two weeks of filming the 1939 picture.

In 2000, one of the five pairs achieved $666,000 at a Christie's New York event.


Dorothy’s Arabian test slippers will be
auctioned in June

Singer Lady GaGa recently wore a pair at a gig in Los Angeles. They were a 25th birthday present from her management company.

"When you don't feel like Dorothy today, maybe you feel like someone on the chorus or the Scarecrow - just know you will have opportunities in your real life to change things and maybe someone will hand you a pair of ruby slippers," said Ms Gaga.

One of the sets was stolen from the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids in 2005. They have not yet been found.


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