Johnny Ramone Mosrite guitar from his final tour could win $120,000 at auction

An online autographs and memorabilia sale which concludes tomorrow is offering Johnny Ramone's concert-played Mosrite guitar.

The markets haven't always been kind to Ramones memorabilia, with some surprisingly low prices recorded on occasion, but the legacy of the Ramones is ensured as they've made an impact that will be well remembered. They even appeared on The Simpsons, even if Mr Burns mistook them for another band. ("Have the Rolling Stones killed.")

This particular instrument has exceptional provenance too as there is actual film of Johnny himself playing it onstage and signing the instrument too at April 30 and May 1 concerts in Brooklyn, New York, right at the very end of the Ramones' touring days in 1996.

This particular white Mosrite dates to the 1995 Ramones tour of Japan when the guitarist was approached about the possibility of endorsing a Japanese-made, Johnny Ramone Signature Series Mosrite guitar.

Johnny Ramone Mosrite guitar
Johnny Ramone's signed Mosrite guitar from his final tour

Johnny sold it in 1995, after refusing to sell his original white Mosrite, and then played the guitar during the encores of the last-ever club dates played by the Queens-based band in New York. The new owner filmed the last encore.

Following his death in 2005, Johnny Ramone was recognised as being one of the top 20 best guitarists by Rolling Stone magazine.

The guitar is expected to sell for $80,000-120,000 before the auction closes at 6pm Eastern Standard Time on January 26. Watch this space for the results of the sale.

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