John Lennon cowboy hat set for $13,000 showdown at Cameo auction


A cowboy hat John Lennon wore on the Beatles' second tour of the US, in 1965, is coming to auction later this month.

The £8,000-valued hat will appear at Cameo's record and music memorabilia auction in Berkshire, UK on August 9.

It will be joined by a pair of sunglasses owned by Lennon in 1967, which are estimated to be worth £4,000.

Lennon gave the hat and sunglasses to his uncle Charlie, who passed them to Fab Four fan Larry Warren, an American who lives in the Beatles' home town of Liverpool.

"I knew Charlie Lennon well and I bought these items from him. He didn't want to take any money for them but I insisted," Warren told the UK's Guardian newspaper.

Quintessential Beatles memorabilia? Nevertheless this Lennon-owned hat could perform well

"Charlie authenticated both items and I've had them for 10 years. Charlie died some years ago so it is time to move them on."

Although not quintessential Lennon items, we expect the excellent provenance of these pieces and the enduring popularity of Lennon with collectors to ensure they attain good prices.

Beatles memorabilia in general is a big draw to music collectors looking for items that will retain, or increase their value in years to come.

Signed items are particularly sought after.

A signed album produced for the US market, Meet the Beatles, sold for $63,250 at Case Antiques' Spring auction in May.

Paul Fraser Collectibles will bring you all the action from the sale next week.


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