John F Kennedy affair letter sells for $73,000

A letter sent by John F Kennedy to a woman he was having an affair with has sold for $72,629 at RR Auction.

It's addressed to Mary Pinchot Meyer, an artist friend he had first met in high school.

Meyer letter Kennedy
Mary Pinchot Meyer was murdered in mysterious circumstances in 1964

It dates to around October 1963, a month before his assassination, and gives a rare insight into the president's famously tangled love life.

Kennedy writes: "Why don't you leave suburbia for once���come and see me���either here���or at the Cape next week or in Boston the 19th.

"I know it is unwise, irrational, and that you may hate it���on the other hand you may not���and I will love it. You say that it is good for me not to get what I want.

"After all of these years���you should give me a more loving answer than that. Why don't you just say yes." 

Its date makes it one of the last letters Kennedy wrote before his death - although it was never sent.

Strangely enough, Pinchot Meyer was also murdered the following year. The crime remains unsolved.

Her husband was a CIA agent and conspiracy theories have swirled for years.

In the 1980s counter-culture guru Timothy Leary, another close friend of Pinchot Meyer, claimed she had enticed various high ranking figures in Washington to take LSD in an attempt to end the cold war.

We have this photograph signed by John and Jacqueline Kennedy (and their two children) for sale.

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