JFK's last sketch to exceed $12,500 by November 13

A pencil sketch of a sailboat drawn by John F Kennedy on November 21, 1963, the night before he left for his fateful trip to Dallas, is among the most significant artefacts of RR Auction's latest sale of JFK memorabilia.

Kennedy sailboat sketch
Evelyn Lincoln, Kennedy's secretary, began collecting and cataloguing his drawings in 1952

The lot stands at $12,543, with the sale due to close on November 13.

Drawn on paper headed with the address of the Rice Hotel in Houston, Texas, the doodle is the most significant of the hundreds that the president produced over his lifetime. 

Two keys to the presidential limousine that Kennedy was riding in when he was assassinated are at $10,150.

Kennedy keys Lincoln 1963
The keys were obtained from the secret service by R Steven Turner

They are mounted alongside a photograph of the 1961 Lincoln. The lot includes a notarised statement from R Steven Turner, who was then a criminal investigator with the department of justice, that further attests to their authenticity.

The first instalment of the sale of JFK memorabilia at RR Auction earlier this year saw Lee Harvey Oswald's wedding ring achieve $108,000.

A number of auctions of JFK memorabilia are taking place in the next few weeks to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the assassination on November 22.

A November 23 sale at Heritage Auctions in Dallas will see the auction of the rocking chair from Kennedy's bedroom in the White House. 

We have a selection of Kennedy memorabilia available, including this framed and mounted official poster from John F Kennedy's famous 1960 presidential campaign, where he ran against the incumbent vice-president, Richard Nixon.

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