Jeffrey Archer set to sell 1948 Olympic torch at Christie's

The 73 locations for the London 2012 Olympic torch relay were announced earlier this week.

Stretching from Jersey to the Shetland Islands, organisers hope the relay will put Brits in the Olympic spirit during the two months leading up to the opening ceremony on Friday July 27.

The torches are also expected to be a popular commodity with collectors, but their mass production means investors should look back in time if they want to make a profit.

A 1948 Olympic torch made
£6,463 at auction in 2000

A torch from the 1952 Helsinki Games achieved $400,000 at a Vassy-Jalenques SARL auction in Paris earlier this year - the most expensive item of Olympic memorabilia ever sold.

Just 22 Helsinki specimens were produced, making them highly sought after.

Author and former politician Jeffrey Archer is selling a torch from the 1948 Olympics, the last time they were held in the UK.

The item will be auctioned at Christie's in London on June 27 to raise money for the Saracens Sport Foundation charity, according to the BBC.

A London 1948 torch sold for £6,463 at Christie's in 2000.


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