James Buchanan campaign flag makes $275,000

A flag made for James Buchanan’s 1856 presidential campaign led Heritage Auctions’ Americana sale over the weekend, achieving $275,000.

That makes it one of the most valuable political campaign flags ever sold at auction.

It’s one of a series of political banners that use the American flag in the design.

Political flag Buchanan

James Buchanan's campaign flag is the rarest in the series 

The earliest examples originate in the 1840s.

Heritage explains: “Among the various categories of political collectables, none is more highly prized than the colorful campaign banners in the style of American flags…

“Of this series, none is rarer than James Buchanan.”

In fact, only one other example of the Buchanan campaign flag is known to exist.

The flag did the trick. Buchanan was president from 1857 to 1861.

Meanwhile, a leopard skin saddle pad belonging to George Washington realised $150,000 – an increase of 650% on its $20,000 estimate.

Washington received the piece as a gift from General Edward Braddock, his former commanding officer during the French and Indian war (1754-1763).

Braddock was mortally wounded during a battle in Ohio in 1755.

Washington was one of those who helped him off the battlefield and stayed with him as he died. In his last moments, Braddock gave Washington this riding pad along with a sash.

This was a formative moment in Washington’s life and the piece clearly resonated with collectors.

We have this extraordinary piece of Washington memorabilia for sale.

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