James Bond Corgi cars auction for $11,500 in Kent

An extremely rare trade pack of six Corgi James Bond toy cars have sold with excellent results through C&T Auctions in Kent, UK yesterday (October 2).

Corgi James Bond cars auction
The cars have been kept in mint condition, but their value will decrease should the new owner open the box

The cars, each the same model of Bond's famous Aston Martin DB5, were originally estimated to bring between ?�2,000 and ?�3,000, but soon soared past this to realise ?�7,000 ($11,341) including fees - a 133.3% increase on estimate.

The cars are now nearly 50 years old and have been preserved in wonderful mint condition by a Corgi sales representative, who should have distributed them to toy shops. The rep held them for over 30 years before passing them to a private collection.

The six identical cars are each sprayed gold, in contrast to the silver Aston Martin DB5 that famously first appeared in Goldfinger. Having avoided retail, they remain in their original boxes and cellophane, complete with a letter from Corgi that reads:

"Mr Retailer, the instructions are packed in the compartment in the base of every inner display stand, please make sure that every young purchaser realises this."

The instructions explain the car's hidden functions, which include an ejector seat that launches a plastic figure from the roof at the flick of a switch, a bulletproof rear windshield, and machine guns that appear from the bumper.

The new owner will have to avoid opening the boxes however, as the value of the toy cars will decrease significantly once they are removed.

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