Insuring your collection: take the tailored approach

In the excitement of making that big purchase, many collectibles buyers overlook one of the most important aspects of the sector: insurance.

Collect & Protect
Sports memorabilia is a boom sector -
and one that calls for tailored insurance

Suddenly they are the owner of a rare artefact of immense value, and come face to face with the realisation that burglars in the night, fire or even a rogue gust of wind could spell disaster, and a considerable loss of money.

Yet luckily help is at hand.

While home contents providers will often quote for collectibles, oftentimes a better option is going to a specialised collectibles insurance company, which has greater knowledge of the sector and is better able to meet the collecting enthusiast's needs.

Indeed there are a growing number of such insurers in the marketplace, a testament to the fact that collectibles have become increasingly mainstream investments in recent years.

"Memorabilia is an area of collecting that is constantly increasing in value, with a current annual global turnover of $10bn," says British-based collectibles insurer Collect & Protect.

The company, which offers options for both UK and US-based collections, is a leading example of the tailored approach to insuring collectibles.

"Designed by collectors for collectors", Collect & Protect offers a range of options to cater for the differing needs of the collecting community, whether the collection is of "prized sports memorabilia, timeless toys, oriental porcelain, music and film memorabilia, or a mixture of collectables".

And importantly, the insurance package covers not just loss but damage as well, providing even greater peace of mind to owners.

And it's not just individual collectors that can take advantage of insurance, with companies such as Collect & Protect also offering packages for auctioneers, dealers and museums.

For more details on how to insure your collection today visit Collect & Protect.

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