Important photo equipment including Leica and NASA items sell online


Everard and Company is holding an online auction of Important Photographic Equipment from the Estate of Arthur Keir and Other Owners. The sale will be online until October 3, via the iGavel website.

Highlights from the Keir collection include a Leica MD Gray Hammertone with matching Visoflex, Leica Rim Set Compur, Leica 72, several Leica 250 Reporters, War time stereo Elmar lens with special VIDOM, War-time engraved VIDOM, Leica I Model A with Elmax as well as several black paint cameras and lenses.

Other highlights in the auction include the one of a kind Leica '9/11 Memorial' M7 Titanium camera made for John Botte.


Say cheese: the historic Leica MD Gray Hammertone camera

On September 11, 2001 Botte, a NYPD detective and photographer was asked by Bernard Keric, the New York City Police Commissioner, to document the events of the day and the ensuing aftermath. In 2005, Botte commissioned Leica to produce this one of a kind camera as a personal reminder of what happened that day.

NASA items in the auction include several cameras and lenses that have flown on Space Shuttle Missions as well as gloves and other items.

The 'collectible camera' markets have already been the source of some excitement in 2011.

Back in May of this year, Vienna auction house WestLicht really captured the moment with its €1.32m ($1.9m) sale of what is now the most expensive camera ever sold worldwide.


Another Leica, the $1.9m 0-series: the most expensive camera ever sold

The extremely rare Leica of the 0-series from 1923 had a pre-sale estimate of €200,000. Bidding on the camera lasted a whole 20 minutes before the shutter finally closed at an incredible €1.32m including premium.

Interestingly, the Leica 0-series sold to a private collector from Asia - making it another in a line of World Record priced sales which have been influenced by Asia's collectors.

Many other camera collectors will undoubtedly be queuing up to 'capture the moment' when Equipment from the Estate of Arthur Keir and Other Owners appears for sale online.


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