Hans Krebs' Nobel Prize to make $550,000 in London?

A Nobel Prize medal awarded to chemist Hans Krebs in 1953 is up for auction at Sotheby's London.

The lot is valued at ?�250,000-350,000 ($392,916-550,082).

Krebs Nobel Prize
Hans Krebs is credited with discovering the citric acid cycle

Krebs received the medal for his discovery of the citric acid cycle, the process whereby food is converted into energy within a cell.

This finding has proven key in developing our understanding of life on Earth.

The lot is the latest in a series of high profile sales of Nobel Prize medals, with one example awarded to physicist Leon Lederman selling for $760,000 at Nate D Sanders earlier this year.

The record for a Nobel Prize stands at $4.7m, set in 2014 for the specimen awarded to DNA scientist James Watson.

A three-volume copy of JM Dent & Co's edition of Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur is expected to make ?�25,000-30,000 ($38,443-46,131).

The lot is the rare first edition published in 1893-1894 that includes 19 of Aubrey Beardsley's original illustrations.

First published in 1485, the book brings together the various Arthurian legends into a single unified work.

Beardsley was an unknown when he was asked to provide the illustrations for the new edition. His style proved hugely influential in the development of art nouveau.

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