Grandmaster Bobby Fischer exhibition to open in St Louis later today

An exhibition dedicated to the life and career of legendary chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer is to open at the World Chess Hall of Fame in St Louis, Missouri later today.  

Examples of artefacts on display include furniture from the home of his mentor Jack Collins, were he spent many hours studying to improve his game, along with the notebook containing Spassky's best games - which he pored through in preparation for the 1972 world championship.  

Bobby Fischer Wikimedia
Bobby Fischer started playing at the age of six

WCHOF Chief Curator Shannon Bailey commented: "We are thrilled to showcase many never-before-seen artefacts that capture Fischer's career in a unique way.

"Those who study chess will have the rare opportunity to learn from his notes and books while casual fans will enjoy exploring this superstar's personal story."

Always an eccentric, in his later years Fischer became paranoid and reclusive - emerging only to deliver rambling, anti-Semitic rants on the few radio stations that would still have him as a guest (he was himself born Jewish).

Although his life ended sadly, he was nothing short of a genius - regarded by many as the greatest player the world had ever seen.

Bailey explained Fischer's enduring appeal: "Bobby is one of the game's most enduring figures because everyone can learn something from his story.

"If you're a player, you can study his brilliant games and improve your own. Those who are merely curious about Fischer can see how he faced challenges and be inspired by his intellect".

PFC Auctions sold a collection of notes Fischer made during a 1970 tournament in Russia for ?�15,901 ($25,796) in September 2012.

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